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Arab Orthodox Christians Sold out
Arab Orthodox Christians Under the Ottomans 1516-1831. By Constantin A. Panchenko. Softcover, 700 pages. Publisher: Holy Trinity Publications, 1st Edition, 2016. Size: 6" x 9"  ISBN: 9781942699088
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Making of Holy Russia
The Making of Holy Russia, The Orthodox Church and Russian Nationalism Before the Revolution. By John Strickland. Softcover, 333 pages. Publisher: Holy Trinity Publications, 2nd Edition Paperback, 2013. Size: 6" x 9"...
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Recollections of Jerusalem
Recollections of Jerusalem. By Anya Berezina Derrick. Softcover, 198 pages. Publisher: Holy Trinity Publications, 1st Edition, 2014. Size: 6" x 9"  ISBN: 978-0-88465-359-2
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Romanovs Under House Arrest
The Romanovs Under House Arrest. From the 1917 Diary of a Palace Priest. The Diary of Archpriest Afanasy I. Belyaev. Translated from the Russian by Protodeacon Leonid Michailitschenko. Historical Setting,...
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