Instructions for setting up your wholesale ordering account.

Wholesale discounts on our website are available for Retail Stores or Church Bookstores/Kiosks.

Create an Account and then email us.

New wholesale customers, and also those who have ordered from us before on our old website, will need to Create an Account on this new website. To initially set up your account you will need to enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Password. You can enter your shipping address, billing address, telephone number, and other information later when you are ready to order.

Please do not order until we approve your account so you can receive a wholesale discount.

After creating an account please email us at NOTWIcons@gmail.com so we can turn on your wholesale prices. Please include your store, church or kiosk name in the email and any other information that will help to determine if you qualify for wholesale discounts. If you are a wholesale customer with an account on the old website please let us know so we can properly link your new website account to your old wholesale account.

California stores should include a Resale License Number if available so we can avoid charging you California Sales Tax.

Wholesale prices are displayed for each item when you are logged on as an approved wholesale customer.