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Mount Athos An Illustrated Guide
Mount Athos. An Illustrated Guide to the monasteries and their history. Softcover, 200 pages. Publisher: Ekdotike Athenon, 5th Printing, 1993. Size: 6 3/4" x 9 1/2"  ISBN: 960-213-075-X
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Mount Athos Renewal in Paradise
Mount Athos Renewal in Paradise. Second Edition. By Graham Speake. Softcover, 288 pages. Publisher: Denise Harvey, 2nd Edition, Revised and Extended, 2014. Size: 6" x 9 1/4"  ISBN: 978-960-7120-34-2
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Orthodox Monasticism Sold out
Orthodox Monasticism as the Way of Life of Prophets, Apostles and Martyrs. By Metropolitan of Nafpaktos Hierotheos. Includes chapters on Orthodox hesychastic monasticism, monasticism on Mount Athos and Mount Sinai,...
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