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Earthly Angel Heavenly Man
Earthly Angel, Heavenly Man. The Life and Teaching of Elder Vitaly of Tbilisi, Georgia. By the Brotherhood of Novospassky Monastery, Moscow. ($17) Softcover, 300 pages. Publisher: St. Herman Press, 1st Edition, 2019. Size:...
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Life George Great Martyr Sold out
The Life of the Great Martyr St. George. By Georgia Hronas. Stapled Softcover, 50 pages. Publisher: Light and Life Publishing, 2nd Printing, 1997. Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/4"  ISBN: 1-880971-34-8
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Life Maximus the Confessor Sold out
The Life of Our Holy Father Maximus the Confessor. Translated by Father Christopher Birchall. [out of print] Softcover, 77 pages. Publisher: Holy Transfiguration Monastery, 1982. Size: 5 1/4" x 7 3/4"  ISBN:...
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Place of Blessed Augustine
The Place of Blessed Augustine in the Orthodox Church. By Father Seraphim Rose. Includes a service to Blessed Augustine commissioned by St. John Maximovitch of Shanghai and San Francisco. Softcover,...
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Saint Nikolai Kasatkin Japan Sold out
Saint Nikolai Kasatkin and the Orthodox Mission in Japan. A Collection of Writings by an International Group of Scholars about St. Nikolai, his Disciples, and the Mission. Softcover, 204 pages. Publisher:...
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Saint Veronica An Eastern Orthodox
Saint Veronica. An Eastern Orthodox Historical Overview and Liturgical Service. By Veronica Hughes. Stapled Softcover, 34 pages. Publisher: Pearl Orthodox Christian Publishing, First published in 2017. Size: 8 1/2 x 11"  ISBN: 978-1973980391
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St Photios the Great Sold out
St Photios the Great. Philosopher and Theologian. By Constantine Cavarnos. Hardcover, 84 pages. Publisher: Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, 1st Edition, 1998. Size: 5 1/2" x 8 3/4"  ISBN: 1-884729-42-8  ...
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The Seer Prophet Samuel
The Seer. The Life of the Prophet Samuel and its Relevance Today. By Metropolitan of Nafpaktos Hierotheos. Softcover, 305 pages. Publisher: Birth of the Theotokos Monastery. Size: 6 5/8" x 9 1/4"...
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