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Catechetical Discourse Gregory Nyssa
Catechetical Discourse. A Handbook for Catechists. By St Gregory of Nyssa. Greek Original & English Translation. Softcover, 171 pages. Publisher: SVS Press, 2019. Size: 5" x 7 1/4"  ISBN: 9780881416480
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God and Man Anthony Bloom
God and Man. By Metropolitan Anthony Bloom with Marghanita Laski. Softcover, 125 pages. Publisher: SVS Press. Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"  ISBN: 0881410241
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Inner Kingdom Sold out

Inner Kingdom


The Inner Kingdom. Volume 1 of the collected works. Bishop Kallistos Ware. Softcover, 230 pages. Publisher: SVS Press, 2000. Size: 6" x 8 1/2"  ISBN: 9780881412093
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Mystery of Faith Sold out
The Mystery of Faith. An Introduction to the Teaching and Spirituality of the Orthodox Church. by Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev. Foreward by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware. Softcover, 267 pages. Publisher: SVS Press, 2011. Size:...
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Mystical Theology Sold out
The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church. By Vladimir Lossky. Softcover, 252 pages. Publisher: SVS Press. Size: 5 3/8" x 8 1/2"  ISBN: 9780913836316
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Of Water and the Spirit
Of Water and the Spirit. A Liturgical Study of Baptism. By Alexander Schmemann Softcover, 170 pages. Publisher: SVS Press, 1st printed in 1974. Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"  ISBN: 0913836109
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Orthodox Way Kallistos Ware Sold out
The Orthodox Way. By Metropolitan Kallistos Ware. Classics Series. Volume 2. Foreward by John Behr. Softcover, 208 pages. Publisher: SVS Press, 2018Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"  ISBN: 9780881416299
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Winter Pascha Thomas Hopko
The Winter Pascha. Readings for the Christmas-Epiphany Season. By Thomas Hopko. Softcover, 183 pages. Publisher: SVS Press, 1st Printed in 1984. Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"  ISBN: 9780881410259
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Wisdom From Mount Athos Sold out
Wisdom From Mount Athos. Writings of Staretz Silouan. By Archimandrite Sophrony. Softcover, 127 pages. Publisher: SVS Press, Reprint, 1st Printed in 1974.Size: 5" x 7 1/4"  ISBN: 9780913836170
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